The Need for Onsite Programs

Challenge your school to be a partner in combating childhood disease, dental emergencies, and school absences.  Providing an On Site dental program at your school keeps your students in

school, learning, and healthy. We know that busy parents lacking time off
work and transportation experience challenges in taking their children to the
dentist. Parents will appreciate the convenience of an On Site dentist,
knowing that their children’s teeth are being cared for consistently.
Students are more comfortable receiving care and dental wellness education
in the comfort of their school.

  • Yearly over 50 million school hours are lost due to poor oral health and dental emergencies.
  • Only 24% of Medical eligible children get any kind of dental care
  • Only 21% of the nation’s practicing dental-care professionals provide care to people with Medical
  • 3 out of every 5 children are affected by tooth decay
  • 16 million children lack access to basic dental care
  • Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease